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Scientists have tied the tightest knot ever..

Think knots are only for sailors and fishermen? Think again.

Chemists have found a way to knot tiny strands of molecules together in test tubes through a series of chemical reactions. No, I’m not making this up.

Now up until now, only three knots have been created in total out of the 6 billion known prime knot formations…the trefoil, figure-eight and pentafoil knots. But a new study has discovered a fourth, known as the 819 knot.

While previous knots have been woven with two strands, researchers braided together three strands using a five-step chemical reaction to create the 819 knot.

Science AAAS has an interesting YouTube video that shows what these knots might look like if we were tiny enough to actually see them…

So what’s so special about this new knot?

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Bogoslof Tops the List of 2016 Volcanic Eruptions

It didn’t start erupting until December 16, but in a short time the Bogoslof volcano managed to top the list of 2016 Volcanic Eruptions.

Peaking out of the Bering Sea, the mostly submarine volcano is located in the Aleutian Islands, about 850 miles (1368 kilometres) southwest of Anchorage, Alaska.

A series of explosions reaching more than 5 miles above the volcano, are likely due to the interaction between the molten hot magma and icy sea water. Read more at WIRED.

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UN gives go-ahead to play around with Natural Selection..

Ever worry that scientists might one day take things too far? Well, that day may have come.

Scientists are currently doing research on a new technology known as “the gene drive“, which allows the use of genetic engineering to override natural selection. Scary stuff? You’re not the only one that thinks so.

Last week at the UN Convention on Biodiversity, several conservation groups called for a global moratorium on gene drives. And while some countries supported the moratorium, the UN’s final agreement ultimately rejected it. Gizmodo has the full story.