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Who are the “best of the best” in US Special Ops?

We’ve all read about US Special Operations in the news and seen them popularized in movies like “Black Hawk Down” (2001), “Zero Dark Thirty” (2012) and “Lone Survivor” (2013). I mean, the Navy SEALs have grown to legendary proportions in recent years.

But this bears the question: Which members of the US Special Operations community are the “best of the best”?

Here are eight of the most elite groups of Special Operators the United States has to offer…

Air Force Combat Controllers

“It takes an incredible amount of skill, physical fitness and courage to carry out some of the Air Force’s most difficult missions. As members of Air Force Special Operations, it’s the job of Combat Control (CCT) specialists to provide command and control and direct air traffic from remote and sometimes hostile areas. These highly specialized experts are trained in a wide range of skills, including scuba, parachuting, snowmobiling as well as being FAA-certified air traffic controllers in order to establish control and provide combat support on missions all over the globe.”

*Excerpt quoted from

75th Ranger Regiment

“To be a part of the 75th Ranger Regiment requires personal excellence across many Soldier and leader attributes. Rangers are more than just physically strong, Rangers are smart, tough, courageous, and disciplined. Rangers are self-starters, adventurers, and hard chargers. They internalize the mentality of a “more elite Soldier“, as the Ranger Creed states and as their intense mission requirements demand.

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